5 Facts about Monas Jakarta

Monas or National Monument is a icon of Jakarta. Based at the center of Jakarta, a tourist and educational centre that appeals to the people of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Monas was founded in 1959 and inaugurated 2 years later in 1961. Here are a couple of facts about Monas Jakarta that not many people realize it.
There’s the “rdquo&Kemerdekaan; room
Kemerdekaan signifies the independence. At the bottom of the Monas there’s a Room of Independence that informs about Indonesia&rsquo. There are also historic items which have an affinity for independence. Among them are the first manuscripts of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence which are stored in a glass box within a gate.
If you enter this door, you’ll hear the song “PadamuNegeri” and followed by a recording of the voice of former Indonesian President Soekarno who read the Proclamation manuscript on August 17, 1945. There’s a state symbol, NKRI archipelago map, white and red flag and also the walls of Proclamation Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Wonderful Indonesia Logo

TeukuMarkamdonorred to the National Monument
When it initially made, the golden used to coat the flame symbol was 35 kilograms weight. In 1995, when Indonesia celebrated the golden anniversary of liberty that the coating of gold was added by 50 lbs. Do you know who contributed 28 kilograms of gold on top of the Monument? He is TeukuMarkam, a merchant out of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Throughout his life time, TeukuMarkam continued to struggle for the nation and afterwards died in the year 1985.

The highest monument in Indonesia
Monas is at the center of both Lapangan Medan Merdeka. Monas was built right in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square on an 80 hectare park. Monas is the maximum monument in Indonesia. Monas height is 132 meters (433 feet). Consequently Monas could be seen in a distance. On the other hand from the crest of the monument to the top of the monument, visitors can see the city scenery of the city of Jakarta clearly.

Been renamed 5 times
Before Monas Monument is ratified, the area where Monas found has been 5 times changed. The very first, this area was named by Gambir Square. Then it was changed by Ikada Square. Not long after that it was named Merdeka Square. Then afterwards it was named by Monas Square, and was renowned of Monas Park.

Changes its color when during the night
In Apr 2018, Monas Monument will change color to blue during the evening time. Monas Monument’s grim display is in commemoration of Autism World Care Day, which falls on Apr 2nd and 2018’s theme is Light It Up Blue. This is why the monument turns blue and it’ll last 30 days to Apr 30. This is the reason why, the color of blue Monas Monument could only be witnessed during the night, because it’s a setting.