Ways to Optimize Your TV Room

Gambar terkaitWe are past the era when you needed to go to a social joint to watch TV. Most households have a room where the main activity is watching TV. Moreover, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellites, computer networks and stereo systems can allbe placed together with the television in the TV room. Even as LED TV price may not affect the planning of your TV room, it is important to know how you should optimize your TV room. Whether you’ll be gutting your TV room, building it new or doing a minor remodel, the tips below will help you make the most of it.

Know how the TV will be used

Unlike the kitchen, where there may be only one cook, the TV room usually gets used by everyone in the family. Odds are, not everyone will be up to speed on what devices the other people in the family use, how they use them and how they need to be wired.Before planning your installation, bring everyone together and discuss which devices will be plugged into the TV, the size of the plugs, how they are controlled and how often they will be used.Think about the placement of the television relative to the windows in the room. You can always pull the blinds, but even a small amount of light leaking around the sides of a window treatment can create a glare on the TV screen.

Attach the mount to blocking

If you plan on mounting the TV to the wall, you will need to open up at least that part of the wall and install solid wood blocking so you can attach it. Any heavy object mounted to the wall should have wood blocking installed, but especially something as expensive as today’s TVs. Most LG TVs come with customized special wall mounts which should be used.

Put the screen at eye level

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your TV room, you have two focal points in the space. Many people solve this problem by mounting the television over the fireplace. Often, the viewing angle is too steep when a TV is placed this high, and it is better to install it adjacent to the fireplace so it can be lower.A good rule of thumb is to mount it around eye level for those seated. Sit on your couch at the distance it will be placed from your TV and see if it feels comfortable for viewing.

Plan for your speakers

If you’d like surround sound, buy the speaker system you want and then run the wires, rather than the other way around. This way you’ll know how many speaker wires to run and whether any parts of the system, such as a subwoofer, will need a dedicated outlet.If you are not planning to open up walls, consider mounting the speakers high on the wall and installing crown molding to hide the wires. They should still be run in wire mold to protect them, but you won’t have that unsightly channel running around the room.



Do not let anything to discourage you when it comes to planning your TV room. Optimize the space you have and enjoy your watching sessions.